Back to Writing

Many moons ago I wrote television reviews for a wonderful British website ~ Television Heaven. The site took a turn towards classic television shows and my short-lived writing career was over. I have missed writing.

While sitting with a pal that you will meet in many of my restaurant reviews, I said out loud (though not realizing it WAS out loud) wouldn’t reviews on places that real, every day New Yorker’s frequent be fun?  She looked at me, tilted her head and said, I’m IN!

I have to say at the outset that I am not a huge fan of blogs. I find most of them to be a ‘look at me’, ‘notice me’ type of experience.  This won’t be about me, but about restaurants, bars, patisseries, dining experiences, waiters, menus, smells, tastes, and dining experiences that will hopefully guide you to or away from wonderful places to eat throughout the City of New York.   You will simply know us as Fork, Spoon and Knife…..

I know what you’re thinking ~ there’s already Zagat. From expereience, let me tell you that Zagat is a popularity contest. It has nothing to do with reviewers actually going to restaurants and eating. It has to do with customers and family members of the restauranteur going to Zagat and voting and voting and voting.   Tourists come here, read Zagat and usually go home disappointed or fall into the ‘tourist restaurant’ or ‘sheep restaurant’ trap. You know, the restaurants that ‘THEY’ say are good. Exactly who are these ‘THEY’ people and why do they think they know so much!?

So off we go, forks, spoons and knives at the ready, folks…..we’re about to EAT NEW YORK!!


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