Sweet Melissa

One of the worst sounds on a Sunday night….even when you’re on vacation…..is ‘Mom, can you give me a ride?’ Do you say no, giving up a much coveted parking space, or do you send your child off on the subway?

Fortunately for me, at the same instant my cell phone rang and it was one of my foodie cohorts, Knife, looking for something to do while her own bundle of joy was off at a movie with a friend.  We dropped mine off, and thought….hmmmmm, a nice drink or perhaps a place for dessert……

As we drove around Park Slope, the word PATISSERIE beckoned to me, glistening in lovely gold letters from a window. It was the wonderful  Sweet Melissa Patisserie located on 1st Street and 7th Avenue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Sindows of Sweet Melissa

Windows of Sweet Melissa in Park Slope

I had read about this patisserie someplace in my travels and had even explored their website, so when a parking space miraculously opened up across the street, so did the opportunity for a little gastronomic exploring!

Walking into this lovely establishment you instantly feel welcome and part of the gang. The colors are warm and inviting, the cases with the goodies, chock full and leaving you confused as to what to eat first. Sweet Melissa seems a bit small upon first glance, but once you walk up the stairs you peer down a long halwway and find there is an entire back seating area and a garden.

Our lovely server, Talia, suggested that we look in the case to see what we would like to have before we sat down. Being a Saturday night, right after Christmas, she was worried that the sweet we might want to have would not be available.  Oh, I want one of those … and one of those … and a slice of that and definitely that……so hard to decide.

Coffee for Knife was necessary. The coffee cups are large and bottomless. I wanted a drink. and saw that they had wines on the menu. A couple of nice white and reds … and champagne! Once I ordered chamapgne, Knife who had ordered a coffee and a raspberry lemonade, also had to have champagne. WAIT! freshly made raspberry lemonade….I need one as well! The table was full and we hadn’t even gotten to the goodies!!

sweet-melisaa-tartlet2Knife ordered a strawberry tartlet and a single, lonely pistachio truffle. The crust on tartlet was buttery and tender, the custard creamy and sweet, and for the end of December the strawberries very large and sweet.

sweet-melissa-petit-fours-2I couldn’t have JUST one thing, could I? I ordered a florentine, a passionfruit tartlet, AND a Queens Cake. I mean, really, they’re just a bite or two each, how can that be bad?


Everything was just the right balance of sweet and not too sweet. Service was warm and comforting and the patisserie beckoning.

My only suggestion? A dessert wine! A Moscato, vin santo, port, something to go with the wonderful pastry!

Sweet Melissa is located at 175 7th Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn and a second location at 26 Court Street, Brooklyn. There’s even a book Sweet Melisss Baking Book!


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