No. 28

Pizza. Has to be one of the staples of a New Yorker’s diet. And good pizza – well, there’s nothing like it! Combine great pizza, a warm atmosphere, great prices and a charming staff and you have it all!

No. 28 has it all and then some! The secret of their success is the use of the best ingredients and tired and true methods of preparing pizza dough. Because of these things, No. 28 has earned a much coveted ‘Pizza DOC’ stamp of approval.  If you are like me and don’t (or didn’t) know, the DOC is to pizza what DOC is to wine a stamp of quality awarded by a central body.


Walking down Carmine Street you would never think twice about this unassuming place, especially from the plain front with a bright yellow awning that simply says Pizza. Once you walk into No. 28 you are greeted by the family that owns and operates this warm and inviting establishment.


One side has the take-out operation and the other saide a sit down restaurant.

Large, chunky wooden tables, simply set, great wines, and a simple menu – oh, and bottomless iced tea! Really, does it get better than that

They have salads and some antipasti on the menu, they even have pasta dishes, but why crowd your appetite with anything but the PIZZA! The salads are good, as are the antipasti, and the pasta, but once tried, you will agree – it’s all about the PIZZA! Iam sure that most of the magic of this pizzeria comes from the dough and the brick oven baking.

If you ask for water, they bring a large pitcher filled with ice and water to the table and leave it there for you during the meal. Their wine list, while small is very good and reasonably priced. They brew fresh iced tea each day and gladly bring refills as often as requested.

This is not hovering, fawning all over you service -which I prefer. I like to order and then be left alone to my coversation. There is always a waiter or waitress nearby whose attention is easy to get and they are very accomodating.

The pizza menu is varied and has something for every taste bud. Pies can be ordered 14″ (which is round), an 18″ which is  oval, and 29″ which is also oval.  The 14″ is a hungry person personal pizza size, the 18″ you can have two different pizzas and the 29″ three different pizzas.


We have been eating our way through the listing and have definite favorites, but haven’t found any we don’t like.

There are three different Margherita pizzas. One Plain (tomato and mozzarella), one Original (Tomato and fresh mozzarella) and Reginella Tomato, Mozzarella di bufala and basil. While the Reginella is the most expensive of the three, it is certainly the tastiest.

Our favorite is the Patate; ricotta, potatoes, and walnuts (no tomatoes). Yes, potatoes on pizza sounds odd. That’s what we thought too, but it is so yummy!

Our other favorites include San Daniele (Prosciutto San Daniele, Rucola {arugula} and mozzarella) and the Pere (Pears, Gorognzola, mozzarella and walnuts). The Pere needs to be in small doses as the gorgonzola can be too overwhelming in large amounts.

Frankly, we are yet to try one of their wonderful pizzas that we don’t like and I am sure that has to do with the brick oven cooking and their pizza dough.

No. 28 is located at 28 Carmine Street (off the corner of Bleecker near 6th). Actually it is across the street from Pompeii Church. No credit cards, cash only.


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