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Meze… What a wonderful gem of a Greek restaurant hidden away in and industrial section of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn! Who would have guessed!

Fork’s friends the Salt and Pepper Shakers wanted a play date, and given three cuisines to choose from, Fork really wanted Greek, and I am so glad that we did!

I had passed this place a few times running errands in Brooklyn and was wondering (A) how a place in this desolate neighborhood could stay open, and (B) was it any good? Both questions were answered after sitting in Meze for 5 minutes.

The staff is great. The atmosphere loud and frenetic and friendly and welcoming – exactly what you would think a great Greek restaurant would be. The restaurant was jam packed – and on a Wednesday summer night too!

The staff is very attentive. Eager to talk about the menu. Eager to explain specials. Eager to placate every wish.

The nicest part about having dinner with a few people is being able to try more dishes!

ScordaliaFor this adventure we started with Scordalia. There are variation on Scordalia, whether you use bread and potatoes or just potatoes but never a question about garlic! And Meze’s Scordalia is wonderfully garlicky, light and fluffy, and served with a plateful of buttery lightly toasted pita bread. Really I could have eaten just that and been happy. But could we stop there? NO WAY!

Grilled HaloumiOur second starter was Grilled Haloumi Cheese. Fork is always leery of haloumi cheese. If it isn’t grilled right, or it’s sliced to thickly, it’s like chewing on a styrofoamcoffee cup. Not so with this dish. It was perfectly grilled, crisp around the edges and actually melty. The top was sprinkled with lemon juice and oliveoil, which added a nice depth of flavor.

SpanakopitaAnd our third starter was Spanakopita.  This is a traditional Greek spinach pie. The light, flaky phyllois stuffed with spinach, feta cheese, and onions. This was the first time Fork had this dish that there wasn’t a tiny bit of filling in a phyllodough folded into a triangle. It is much nicer this way with a lot of the yummy filling not being overwhelmed by the phyllo, which gets very soggy, very quickly. Perhaps this way is better. The phyllo was really tender and flaky.

Off to entrees!  Although, at this point the Fork was close to stuffed from all the wonderful appetizers!  Sure there’s more room!


 Salt Shaker and Fork both had the Pasticchio.  Pasticchio is made by layering mezzani(pasta), ground beef, and tomato, topping with a bechamel sauce and baking until golden and bubbling.  It is warm and comforting, a light taste of cinnamon, and one of the best Pasticchios I have had in a very long time. The enormous portion of pasticchio is served with a Greek salad. The cool, crisp salad the perfect match for the spicy tang of the pasticchio. The nice part about this very large portion was having lunch for the next day!

YouvetsiThe Pepper Shaker had Youvetski. It was a special for the evening and it was a good thing we ordered it when we did! There was only one left! I wish I had the room to have tried it, but I was just too full and it was just too hot out that night! But, considering the very empty bowl at the end of the meal, and the very limited conversation from that side of the table – really nothing more than hhmmmmm and yummmm. That is always a very good sign!

loukoumades Dessert? Really? Oh, no, we are really too full! What’s that you say? Oh, you have Loukoumades as a special dessert tonight?  Well, maybe we aren’t so full after all! Yes, I am sure we have room! Please let them be as good as we remember! And they were! Light and fluffy, sort of like a zeppole. Crispy on the outside and airy on the inside. Drenched in honey and sprinkled in cinnamon. Fork could absolutely could have eaten every single one of them  – and then some! But I shared and they were wonderful.

All in all this was a great experience! My only complaint was the iced tea. While waiting for the Shakers, I asked for an unsweetened iced tea. She brought a can of some sweetened yucky something. I asked if she had fresh – she looked at me and said she would have to make tea and then pour it over ice (as if this were a ridiculous notion and an arduous undertaking), and I suppose waited for me to say, oh, no, what a ridiculous notion in the summer on an 85 degree night. Minus that hiccup the food was great, the service was wonderful and the company stellar!

If you’re in the area, try it – and, hey, they deliver!!

Meze . 6601 13th Avenue . Brooklyn, NY . 718.234.6393
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  1. One word…..fabulous!!!!

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