Bobby’s Burger Palace


Calling all sporks! Calling all sporks! Run, don’t walk, to any of the Bobby’s Burger Palace (BBP) locations near you! At the moment there are 4 locations – Smith Haven Mall (Lake Grove, NY), Monmouth Mall (Eatontown, NJ), Bergen Town Center (Paramus, NJ), and the Mohegan Sun Casino (CT).

InsideBefore we start, anyone going to BBP and expecting Bobby Flay fine dining will be seriously disappointed. This ain’t that kinda place! Never was meant to be. This isn’t what you would call a burger restaurant, it’s more of what you would call a burger joint, in less seedy surroundings. No linens. Slightly self-service. This is fast and this is good – let me rephrase, not good, GREAT!  The burgers are $7.50, a diner price really, so if you are expecting Flay quality (which is what you get) and Micky D prices, sidle over to the Golden Arches for some fake beef on a bun. This is angus beef, baby, and a bargain at that price! Hard to imagine that there are some folk out there complaining about the cost of these burgers!

Inside 2Fork and Tea Strainer visited the BBP at the Smith Haven Mall. The interior is funky. Warm, retro tones, soft shapes, comfy chairs. There are tables with high chairs, counter space with stools and regular tables with chairs. The place is immaculate, the staff very friendly. When you walk in there is a huge menu hanging on the wall.  Once you work your way through the menu, salivating, and figure out what to order – well, the choices are all so good, it’s more a matter of eliminating than choosing! – you order, pay, take a number,  a large plastic tumbler, and find a seat. The most difficult part may be finding a seat! There is plenty of counter room, and every seat is the same, so they are all comfortable. If you’re having a fountain soda, which is bottomless, you help yourself. Iced tea, beer and margaritas are brought to you. Nay sayers, try getting a margarita at the Golden Arches!

CrunchThis was Fork’s first time at BBP, so the choice was absolutely simple – CRUNCH BURGER!!  It really doesn’t get better than that! Perfect angus burger, perfectly cooked, (oh, yes, they ask how you want it cooked when you order) crunchy on the outside, double American cheese, lightly toasted bun, and covered in potato chips.  Now, back when I was just a salad fork, I loved to put chips or Doritos on my sandwiches, so potato chips on a burger seemed like a natural progression. The burger is big. No interference from lettuce and tomato. It comes served with a pickle. 

Blue CheeseTea Strainer, on the other hand, has been here a few times! Without Fork! Can you imagine!?  Well, now I have been here without Spoon and this fact will, of course, necessitate another trip to BBP. It’s a tough job, but I am sure this Fork is up to the challenge. Fork will just have to keep a stiff tine and eat here again. Such a hardship! NOT!!!  But, back to Tea Strainer and that burger.  Tea Strainer stood there, I have had this, and I have had that, and actually shocked that I wanted a crunch burger!! Tea Strainer finally settled on a Bobby’s Blue Burger. The burger is beautifully plated. Big burger, lettuce and tomato, covered in crumbled blue cheese, and what looked like a blue cheese sauce. Next to the burger were two huge  pieces of perfectly cooked bacon.  Fork was having serious food envy.

FriesWhile staring at the menu Tea Strainer asked if Fork wanted regular fries or sweet potato fries. Fork answered with a simple YES, which left Tea Strainer a little confused. You mean you want to order both? Huh? You mean we can’t have both fries AND the onion rings? See now why Spoon needs to take a secondary adventure to this fine burger joint? Fork acquiesced and said yes, both fries, didn’t even mention the onion rings. So glad we did order both fries.

The french fries are great. Slim, crispy, good quality potatoes. Salted. Crispy. Yummy. Did I mention crispy? There is nothing worse than a soggy fry! Accompanying this generous serving of french fries is Bobby’s BBP Fry Sauce. Slighty spicy, slightly sweet, seriously good complement for these fries. It’s a mayonnaise based sauce that definitely has some chipolte in there.

Seet potsNow the sweet potato fries. These are seriously decadent. Thin, crispy, sweet, caramelized, perfect. Another generous portion. And that little ramekin next to the fries? That’s a honey mustard sauce with horseradish. Totally amazing. You can taste the mustard and the honey clearly, and then there’s another taste that just catches you at the end, hard to pinpoint, not overwhelming at all, but really adds a nice depth to the sauce.

SaucesAlso on each table and scattered along the counter were bottles of different condiments. There was the usual salt and pepper, ketchup and mustard. There was also burger sauce, chipolte ketchup and jalapeno ketchup. Naturally the first thing Fork and Tea Strainer did was make little blobs of sauce on the plates to try each sauce. The burger sauce was great. You definitely can taste BBQ sauce, worcestershire, molasses, mustard and something else I can’t quite touch on.  The chipolte sauce was good, a little strong, but nice to dip the fries in.  The jalapeno didn’t match up so well for Fork. But the nice thing about variety is there is always something for everyone! And if you have become a Flay sauce addict, toy can now purchase them online at BBP Sauce just click on products at the bottom of the screen.

You can have your burger topless, you can have ground turkey or ground chicken. Burgers are cooked to order and to your satisfaction. No matter your opinion of Bobby Flay, this guy knows his way around a grill and BBP proves he knows his way around a burger! This truly is ‘Have it your way’.

This review doesn’t end with what I would have IF I go back, but what I will have WHEN I go back. Spoon, mark your calendar, it’s time for a road trip!

For those that cannot get enough Bobby Flay and his burgers, there’s even a book – Burgers, Fries & Shakes.

Bobby’s Burger Palace ~ Smith Haven Mall, Lake Grove, NY ~ Monmouth Mall, Eatontown, NJ ~ Bergen Town Center, Paramus, NJ ~ Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT 

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