Corner Burger

It’s Black Friday. Fork and Demitasse Spoon are doing a bit of power shopping. You simply cannot continue shopping on an empty stomach. Need food – fast – but not fast food. But where do you go? Fork suggests trying Park Slope, with three or four restaurants on every block, there’s bound to be something to agree on.

And there, calling to us, a beacon on a cold, dreary day – Corner Burger.  Burgers are always a good choice. Place looks fun. Parking spot across the street made it a fait accompli.

Corner Burger is a small place. 11 tables total.  Family owned and operated. Spotlessly clean. Funky atmosphere. Friendly staff. Great service.  Wooden tables with wooden chairs that have shiny red vinyl coverings. Music posters, album covers and photos line the walls.  Napkins, straws, forks and knives are in buckets on the table. Their motto? ‘It’s not fast food, it’s prepared food’ And well prepared it certainly is.

The menu is simple. Burgers, burgers and more burgers. You can have a beef burger, turkey burger or veggie burger.  There are 8 types of cheese and  9 toppings, either one for a nominal charge. There are also 5 different sauces.

Beyond that there are 8 signature burgers. The signature burgers do not cost more than ordering the burger and toppings separately from the burger section. It’s just giving you the combination ideas.  None of the burgers are served with fries, those are extra.

Our waiter was terrific. Very friendly. At the ready when we were ready. Sadly, there is no fresh iced tea. Only soda in cans and it is reasonably priced. There is also a beer list, and some shakes and smoothies. Nothing very extensive. Nothing exotic. Good food, good atmosphere, good drinks, good prices.

Fork and Demitasse spoon both ordered the Slope Burger. A perfectly cooked beef burger topped with cheddar cheese, crispy bacon and homemade onion rings.  There is also lettuce, tomatoes, red onion and pickles. The buns are fresh and sadly a little soft for Fork’s liking. Onion rings are a nice touch sitting on the burger. The burger was cooked perfectly and is really a nice size. The lettuce, tomatoes, and red onion were very fresh. The Slope Burgers were $9.00, 75 cents more than asking for a burger with cheese and bacon, chalk the 75 cents up to the onion rings.

The onion rings were a little odd to Fork. Batter dipped? Yes. Soggy and a strange color? Yes and yes. But that would be the only downfall at Corner Burger, and that may only be Fork’s opinion as Demitasse Spoon gobbled them all up!

We did order a basket of fries simply because you cannot have a burger without fries, at least according to the laws of Fork. One order of fries was certainly large enough for two pieces of cutlery to share. The fries were crispy, but still tender on the inside.

Corner Burger’s sides also include fired pickles, spicy curly fries, onion rings, cole slaw, mozzarella sticks and chili. THe sides range from $2.50 to $4.25.

On the specials board there was a special Thanksgiving burger – turkey burger, stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy. If it hadn’t been the day after Thanksgiving, this would be a great burger to try. They also now have pulled pork sandwiches, another nice menu item.

Whether you eat in the restaurant, have it delivered or order for pick up, the burgers at Corner Burger will not disappoint! If you’re in Park Slope and have a yen for a great burger, this is definitely the spot.

Corner Burger ~ 381 5th Avenue ~ Brooklyn, NY ~ 718.360.462
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