Co. ~ the dough rises again

Fork and Spoon and our darling Salad Tongs had the pleasure of meeting up for an adventure after much too long a time. While Fork and Spoon had previously been to Co., the Salad Tongs had not, and they were Jonesing for pizza. Oh, okay, we’ll have to sit in Co., and have fabulous pizza again. DRAT!

It is annoying that you cannot sit at a table until your entire party arrives, the bar is ridiculously small and there is no place to stand. The pizza is still totally worth it.

They have added a great virtual fireplace over the pass from the kitchen to the dining room. It makes the already inviting space even more so.

We sat in a great corner table for four. The tables in the center are larger and more communal. While we are friendly cutlery, we like to be a bit private and covetous of our time together. Now, imagine this, four foodies, ZERO cameras! We have photos from our cell phones and are hoping for the best. Please no boos.

There was a special appetizer the night we were there. Brisket braised in a wonderful gingery, star anisey, no one can quite agree on the flavor profile, broth. This was delicious.  Perfect for 4 pieces of cutlery to share. Fork tender. Broth that you could have taken a loaf of bread and sat in a corner with.  We would have asked for another serving, but apparently we were served the last helping.

Our waiter must have been new. At least we hope he was new.  He may have been new to planet Earth, perhaps to Co., definitely to ever having waited tables before. He was terrible!

But even our waiter could not stop us from enjoying the pizza to come! At least we hoped so! We ordered 4 different pizzas. After writing down the order he looked at us and said… so, that’s three pies? That was the second or third such ridiculous, I-am-not-listening-to-you comment, and it wasn’t the last. Fortunately there was another waiter hovering, and he seemed to be slightly more on the ball.

So many wonderful pizzas, how do you choose? The one we wanted to try again, Sausage & Fennel, was no longer on the menu – though our waiter said it was, and then started pointing at the meat selection and the cheese selection on the non-pizza side of the menu. We just sat there looking at him a little dumbfounded – as cutlery can do. We were back to square one and choosing!

We’ll start with a Margherita. Plain. Simple. Classic. Tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil. Doesn’t get simpler or better than that. Buffalo mozzarella has such a wonderful creaminess to it. So perfect on everything. The pizza was a little singed around the edges – a little more singed in spots than was palatable – but it was devoured.

Next? Could not have the Salad Tongs at Co. for their maiden voyage without sampling the Stracciatella pizza. So yummy. Crushed tomatoes, creamy stracciatella, peppery arugula. All this and a fabulous crust too! This really is a fantastic pizza. Stracciatella is a wonderful, not well known, not nearly used often enough Italian cheese, made from torn pieces of mozzarella.  Pizza number 2 devoured.

Pizza number 3, the Boscaiola. Crushed tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, pork sausage, mushrooms, onions and chili. Sweet, spicy, savory and meaty, all in one perfect bite. This was definitely the heaviest of the three pizzas. A lot of stand alone ingredients all together on one crust. Somehow it worked very well together. You would have thought there would have been a lot of competition between the major ingredients, but they just layered perfectly together.

Pizza number 4. The unusual pizza. The pizza right out of most comfort zones. That being said, the pizza that had to be tried. Brussels & Chestnuts. Fork doesn’t like brussel sprouts. Spoon loves them. The Salad tongs are split on yea or nay. The rest of the ingredients would save it we thought, or the brussels could be picked off. Well, no, they couldn’t be! And after tasting it, they shouldn’t be. This was not your grandmother’s brussel sprouts! These were thinly shaved and paired with a lovely bechamel sauce, parmesan, buffalo mozzarella, chestnuts, lardons and onions. All together they say, HOORAY! Chestnuts on pizza, how ingenious, and paired with lardons (bacon). This really was very good. Fork may have to change thoughts on brussel sprouts, as long as Fork can have them on pizza with all these other great ingredients.

All in all this was a great adventure – the company and the food, top notch. The service – terrible.

Still no iced tea! Seems strange that you can have hot tea and hot coffee, but that the thought of a cup of tea poured over ice is out of the realm of thought.

Co. ~ 230 Ninth Avenue ~ NYC, NY ~ 212.243.1105


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