Townline BBQ

So you’re driving out to the Hamptons. You’ve sat on the highway for what seems like an eternity. You are now about to begin the long, slow, unending, serpentine of traffic out to the Hamptons. Heck, this could be the reverse, the unending serpentine to get to the highway to sit on traffic on the way back to NYC! Suddenly you realize you are starving. Now, where to go? I know! Townline BBQ is the answer!  

Townline BBQ is part of Honest Management Corp. The same folks who have brought you Hampton superstars Nick & Toni’s, La Fondita and Rowdy Hall. The building is constructed from reclaimed barn wood. Simple tables and chairs inside and out. Rustic, charming, loud, fun, funky and delicious all wrapped up in one package.

The staff is great, super friendly. This is as laid back and simple as a place can get. You go to the counter, order, go back to your table, wait, they shout your name, you get your food, and dive in! Everything is served in paper boats. The iced tea is bottomless and very fresh. You help yourself from a giant cooler on the beverage counter – they didn’t think Fork should take it to the table though. The place is casual to the point that if you have food to take home, there’s a self wrapping center in the dining room. There is a full bar though, I mean, just how rustic is cutlery expected to get?

The food is fantastic. This is BBQ at its finest.  The kitchen is wide open so you can see the pit master and catch all the amazing aromas from the smokers.

As we sat at our tables, drooling from the aromas and waiting for our food, we seemed to be enthralled by the long horned steer with the tinsel crown, and tapping our toes to the great music playing in the background. There is a caddy on the table with different BBQ sauces, just waiting for something yummy to be poured on top of.

And then FINALLY – well, okay, about 10 minutes later – they called us. Truthfully, and shockingly, on a summer Friday afternoon, the place wasn’t crowded, but I can imagine this place is hopping from Friday night through Sunday night, and then some!

Fork ordered the Burnt Ends Platter. Yes, a platter! In our quest for the elusive burnt ends Spoon and Fork have come across appetizer portions or a few measly pieces in a paper boat filled with wax paper to make you forget there was no burnt ends there. But this was a platter and it was ALL for Fork!  Succulent and smokey. Crispy and tender. All your favorite parts of a BBQ brisket, served over a piece of squishy white bread. Fork was pleasantly surprised at just how good these burnt ends were.

Knork ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich.  Really tender, moist and very flavorful pulled pork. Melt in your mouth delicious. The pulled pork is served on top of a white hamburger bun with a generous topping of cole slaw. THe BBQ sauce itself was sweet and tangy with just a slight kick of heat.  On the side of the sandwich was a pickle salad.  Crisp pickles, slices of red pepper, red onions, all of which were sweet and sour, and perfect to go along side the pulled pork sandwich.

Now for the sides, there always have to be sides!

We ordered a basket of fries and a basket of thick cut fried onions. The fries are great. Crisp on the outside, very tender on the inside. The fried onions were not onion rings or heavily battered. They were thick pieces of onion, lightly battered and deep fried to golden perfection. Because these were pieces and not rings, all the batter on the onion fried and there was no soggy batter here anywhere. YUM!

The other side ordered was the Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing. Nice sized wedge of very fresh, very cold, very crisp iceberg lettuce. The wedge was smothered in tangy blue cheese dressing. Sadly there were two things wrong with this salad. 1) take the core off the wedge and, 2) where’s the bacon!? How can you have a wedge salad with blue cheese without bacon!

While standing and staring at the menu board, Fork kept noticing the desserts – does this surprise anyone? One menu item seemed to be calling out like a siren’s song. Deep Fried Apple Pie. Really, how could it not be calling out? Dough, apples, deep fried, as close to a perfect dessert as you can get without ice cream added. Fork had slight reservations about this, envisioning McDonald’s fried apple pie, gelatinous apple filling, greasy crust. Or those Drake’s Apple Pies we all loved as  kids – thick crusts, gooey inside and a sugary glaze on top. What we tasted, though, was nothing close to either of those. The crust was tender and flaky, lovely and golden brown, dusted with powdered sugar. The filling had large slices of apple that still had some bite to them, just the right amount of warmth from the cinnamon. The perfect ending to a perfect lunch.

So, for those of you out East who think man cannot live on lobster rolls alone, give Townline BBQ a try. Your taste buds will thank you!

Townline BBQ ~ Corner of Townline Rd & Montauk Hwy ~ Sagaponack, NY ~ 631.537.2271
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