The Harrison

Restaurant Week! Restaurant Week! Nothing sends foodies scattering and vying for the best restaurants in NYC faster than the impending promise of Restaurant Week. Done twice a year, Restaurant Week let’s restaurants lure new customers with a 3-course $25 lunch or $35 dinner.  The hope for the restaurants is diners loving the place so much they would come back no matter the cost, and for the diners the chance to dine in restaurants they couldn’t otherwise afford.

There seem to be two categories of restaurant menus during Restaurant Weeks. Ones that go all out to please diners and keep them coming back, and those that are doing Restaurant Week just to do Restaurant Week. Sadly, The Harrison doesn’t seem to put much effort into Restaurant Week.  Was the food good? Yes. Was it spectacular? No. Was the menu interesting? No. Would we go back based on this Restaurant Week menu? Hell no!  Wake up, folks, people will go back to restaurants from Restaurant Week if the menus were great and the food and service was great!

Iced tea? Bottomless, refilled without asking, large glasses and very good.

To start, Spoon ordered the Bibb Lettuce Salad with lime vinaigrette and crumbled queso blanco. It was a salad. Yes, a good salad, but not a special or stellar salad.  If you look at the photo, you’ll agree. – bright, fresh looking, inviting, but nothing to write home about. Bibb lettuce, a smattering of cheese and a drizzle of dressing.

F0rk selected the Crispy Skate Fingers. Aside from the salad the only other starter choice was cucumber soup. Nope. Not gonna happen. The skate fingers were served with a napa cabbage slaw and spicy crème fraiche. This was surprisingly good. Skate looks like a stingray and the flesh looks almost like a fan. The fish is light and flaky. This wasn’t battered dipped, but breaded in cornmeal and fried golden brown. The skate sat on top of a lightly dressed napa cabbage slaw and spicy creme fraiche. Wonderful flavor combinations. Definitely a winning starter.

Main course was slightly more difficult. There just weren’t two dishes to pick. The regular menu has so many great choices, but the restaurant week menu, fish chicken or steak – almost like a bad wedding menu. Fork and Spoon both chose the Grilled Flank Steak, which was served with a grilled corn salad and a red onion jam. The steak was perfectly cooked, well seasoned, slight bark on the outside, and generous portion. The steak sat on top of a grilled corn salad. Fresh, grilled with the right amount of char to give it that slightly nutty corn taste, good flavors in the seasoning, perfect with the steak.  The red onion jam on top was not really jam-ish, but really nice with the steak, adding just a nice bit od sweetness to the dish.

The absolute star of this meal , though, and the only reason to return to The Harrison were the fries, the Duckfat Fries. O M G. THey were crispy, crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. Fabulously golden brown from the duck fat they are fried in -yes, fried in duck fat! The duck fat gives the fries a totally different flavor and texture. So absolutely yummy. There was a Mayo-ish dipping sauce on the side, but it was really guilding the lily. Only complaint about the fries – MORE, we wanted MORE!

There was no choice for dessert. This wasn’t because there was one outstanding dessert that just couldn’t be missed, but because there was only one choice for dessert. Fork and Spoon both had the Summer Berry Shortcake. Fresh berry compote and fresh whipped cream piled on top of housemade biscuits. The bicuits were tough – perhaps they were over worked or over cooked, but they shouldn’t have been so hard.

The company was wonderful. Fork and Spoon have fun no matter where we are or what the situation. The food at The Harrison was okay. Just okay. Sadly, there was nothing about this meal that would make the cutlery return.

The Harrison ~ 355 Greenwich Street ~ NYC, NY ~ 212.274.9310
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