Wafels & Dinges

What is all this food truck craziness about? When Fork was a kid a food cart was a guy standing on a corner selling ‘dirty water dogs’ or in the winter chestnuts and big soft pretzels. Oh, how Fork longs for the chestnut vendors to come back!

I gotta tell ya, I have succumbed to the insanity. Fork follows twitters for food trucks to see if they will be near work or home or shopping so that Fork can dive in and catch this crazy culinary train.

Wafels & Dinges was in Park Slope Saturday. On my way back from shuttling someone to and fro whatever it was that they were doing, I thought I would drive by and try it out.

Found a spot across the street. There was no line! You stand there staring at the board, what do I want, what kind of waffle, toppings, sigh, confusion sets in. WHat to do. What to do. And Joe steps in. Joe was wonderful and patient, and guided the waffle virgin through the ordering process. You have a choice of 2 different wafels – a Brussels (crunchy and light)or Liege (chewy and rich and slightly sweeter). Joe suggested the Liege for a first timer. And the choices don’t end there! Once you get the wafel down you have to pick the dinges (toppings). Bananas and Nutella just jumped off the list at me, and Joe agreed it was a great choice.

The wafel was $5, the first dinges is free. Fork had received a tweet, that if you pantomime a tennis serve, you would get a free dinges. Fork looked side to side, no one there, a toss in the air and a swat at my tennis ball, and my wafel with 2 dinges stayed at $5. Does it get better than that?

I quickly and greedily grabbed my wafel, a pile of napkins, a fork and knife and scurried to my car to enjoy my feast. Oh, it gets better than that the second you take a bite of your wafel. Chewy, tender inside, crisp outside, generous about of bananas and Nutella drizzled all over the top.

The only bad thing about the wafel? It was gone, my wafel box was empty and I knew it would be a WEEK before I could get back there and try another! Fork had spied a wafel topped with maple syrup and bacon….. hmmmmm

We can’t give you an exact location for the Wafel trucks, check the website or follow them on twitter @waffletruck to find out where they are on any particular day.


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