Schnitzel & Things

 What do you do when you get stuck working an extra day at your job? Well, you can be sad, but Fork preferred to think of it as finally being able to try Schnitzel & Things food truck! (By the way, food truck folks, how about Zuccotti Park for those of us who work on the west side of Broadway!)

I spent all morning carefully watching the clock to make sure I was at Water and Broad Streets on time. No, no, I won’t make you another copy right now. I have a VERY important errand to run!

There sitting on the corner was the Schnitzel truck. There wasn’t as much of a crowd as I had anticipated, but it may have been the timing. You can have either a sandwich or a plate. The plate comes with 2 sides and a condiment. I waited my turn, stepped up to the window and asked for a veal plate. I was told the man in front of me had ordered the last veal plate and perhaps I could just kick his butt to get it away from him. Being the sterling type of Cutlery that I am, I opted not for that suggestion but instead the chicken please, with Austrian potato salad and musclun salad, spicy sirracha mao as a condiment, and extra lemon wedges please. (next time I will kick the guy’s butt, being a newbie I decided to be slightly more demure.)

Sorry for the bad photo, I only had my phone with me.  I sat and opened my take-out container and was very pleasantly surprised to see a very large schnitzel. Moist on the inside, crispy on the outside. The potato salad was really good. Potatoes just soft and not mushy, very flavorful. The salad was ‘eh’. Might have been how long it took me to walk back to my office and the hot schnitzel sitting on top, but it was wilted and if there was dressing, you couldn’t taste it. Lemon wedges to the rescue. The spicy mayo was really good. The right amount of kick.

Can’t wait to try it again, makes having to slave away for the day totally worth it!

Check the Schnitzel & Things website for their weekly calendar or follow them on Twitter @schnitzeltruck


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