Burger Bistro

It’s always great when a new place opens in your neighborhood. The Burger Bistro in Bay Ridge is a great new place. The food is good, the concept simple, the prices reasonable, and the staff and owners friendly and accommodating.

Fork and Knork’s first trip to Burger Bistro was so terrific we’ve been back 4 times, send all our friends there and have even had burgers delivered.

The concept is simple – make ’em burgers, and make ’em good. And these are good.

The place is simply decorated. There is a great mural on one long wall that you casually glance at, across from that – on the other long – wall is a mirror. When you look into the mirror, and face it who can’t glance in a mirror, you realize that the mural is actually drawn backwards and when you look at in the mirror you can see the full mural. Very clever.

On each table is a glass with wax pencils. Which on your first visit seems strange. When the waiter comes over with the laminated menu, he explains that you check off the boxes of what you’d like to have and the kitchen takes it from there. Interactive and fun.

You have a choice between beef, lamb, or turkey for your burger. There is also a special burger of the day. You choose how you want it cooked, the cheese, the toppings, even the bun. There are also sides, appetizers, and, if you’re really good, ice cream and cookies for dessert!

Knork started with the Chopped Salad. Very generous sized salad, fortunately not all iceberg lettuce. There were chopped tomatoes, cheese, artichoke hearts. The salad was crisp and very fresh. Good dressing that didn’t drown the ingredients.

Fork ordered the Bistro Potato Chips. They had been an appetizer, but have now been relegated down to the sides. The chips are really good. Thick cut. Chewy and crisp at the same time. My problem with the chips? They aren’t served with  dipping sauce. I can understand the charge for the sauces on the burger, but the chips should come with something. Doesn’t even have to be a choice of sauces, a little somethin somethin would be good.

Knork’s Burger. Great beef burger, but Knork is a purist (and culinarily challenged) and therefore his burger BOOOOOOR-ing.  All the burgers are served with a  little salad. Balsamic dressing, very yummy.

In recent visits though, Knork has fallen for the Rib Eye Steak Sandwich. Really good quality steak, well seasoned, perfectly cooked. The only complaint Knork has about the steak sandwich is the bun is round and the steak is sort of oblong. He spends some time cutting and tucking and then munches away happily.

Fork also ordered a beef burger. But with the list of 9 cheeses and 9 toppings, how can one be expected to have a plain burger. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. For this trip, Fork chose cheddar cheese and applewood smoked bacon. Really doesn’t get much better than that. There are also caramelized onions and frizzled onions which definitely have Fork’s name on them for another trip.

There is no easy way to choose between the fried offerings. There are French Fries, Bristro Fries, Frizzled Onions, Sweet Potato Strings and the above Potato Chips. The fries are really good. Skinny and crisp, tender ont he inside, a generous serving. The frizzled onions are amazing. Stick some on your burger and life is complete. Like a deconstructed onion loaf and not even close to as greasy. On other trips we’ve had the sweet potato strings – sweet, crisp, addictive. The Bistro Fries are the French Fries all dressed up in seasoning. Now, here we have a problem. Most times the seasoning is great – that is to say, lightly seasoned. Our last trip there was so much seasoning on the fries that they were nearly inedible. You notice Fork said nearly, we were with Jam Spoon and quite frankly, there isn’t ever enough seasoning or pepper for Jam Spoon!

What could be better to end an all American meal than ice cream and cookies! There is a daily special for both the cookies and the ice cream. You get to pick your cookie flavor and the ice cream flavor. On this trip Fork paired double chocolate chunk cookies and dulce de leche ice cream. Great combo.

In keeping with the delicate palate of the Knork – an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream.

The only downside we have found with the Burger Bistro are the cookies. Our first dinner, the oatmeal cookies were burnt. The second time stone cold. The last time the special cookie was a ‘short bread type cookie – like a sugar cookie’. Nope. It was soggy. Nothing like a short bread and absolutely nothing like a sugar cookie. It was just – well, yucky is the best word.

They use a high quality ice cream. It’s creamy and not very airy. That perfect dense scoop.

All in all, this is really a great place. Great service, great burgers, great fries. If you’re in Bay Ridge, get on over there!

Burger Bistro ~ 7217 Third Avenue ~ Brooklyn, NY ~ 718.833.5833
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  1. Sounds absolutely too yummy. Glad it’s not near me.

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