Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen

Fork and Spoon were attending a couple Times Talks during the New York City Wine & Food Festival. We had almost 2 hours between the Iron Chefs (where, BTW, we won round trip tickets to Rome!) and Alton Brown, and we needed a place to eat. There are slim pickins by Port Authority, but food was necessary. Isn’t it always. On the corner from the Times Center is Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen. We have seen this place before, have smelled the burgers grilling, have been seriously tempted to go in. What has stopped us? Maybe the name. It sounds more like the name of a moyle than a burger joint. Then again, we can be ridiculously silly and we were hungry and the smells were far too tempting. In we went!

You stand and stare at the order board. S0 many choices. So many sides. S0 hard to decide when you are starving. So hard to choose when you are still in disbelief at your name being called for airline tickets! Fork let Spoon order. Spoon (most times) has a more level head.

Once you order, you are given a ticket with a number and a long, tall holder for the ticket. You can find a seat or watch them make your burgers. The entire kitchen is open and allows you to see your burger being made every step of the way.

The first burger we chose was the Hickory Bacon Blue Burger. You can’t say it many times fast, but you sure can eat it fast! First, the beef is really good. Great flavor. Perfectly cooked. Hickory bacon? Crispy, generous amount on the burger, great quality. Add the blue cheese into this combo and it is just delicious.

So many burgers, so little time, and so hard to make a choice. The second burger Spoon chose was the Schnipper’s Classic. Nice thick, juicy burger, perfectly cooked, smothered in a special Schnipper’s cheese blend and sauce, carmelized onions, bacon and arugula. Just wonderful. We loved how the Arugula added just a little peppery bite to the burger. Schnipper’s sauce is so good, you don’t really need any other condiment.

Sweet Potato Fries. Can you say, YUMMMMMMMY! There is something sensational that happens to sweet potatoes when you fry them. They become super sweet and a little carmelized on the outside. These were cut in such a way that you had crisp outsides and very tender insides. To make these even better they were served with a maple dipping sauce. Totally addictive!

Fork and Spoon are suckers for Mac ‘n’ Cheese. No matter where we go it must be tried. This was terrific mac ‘n’ cheese. Very creamy, made with 4 cheeses. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the cheese sauce was plentiful and quite tasty. There was a little crispy topping, that added a certain hominess to the dish.

We had to have a little sweet after the rich lunch we had. We decided to split an apple pie. Great picture. Bad pie. All crust – and not a really good one. Barely any filling and what was there was not great. There was a lot of crunchy topping, but with nothing under it to support it it was truly a waste.

As fast(ish) food places go, this one was really good. Definitely a place to go back to for a quick bite. If you want a quick bite before or after the theater and don’t want to spend a fortune, this just might be the place for you. They have a great menu that includes, chicken, hot dogs, seafood, salads, sandwiches. Their breakfast menu looks good too!

Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen ~ 620 8th Avenue ~ NYC, NY ~ 212.921.2400
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  1. next time try the sloppy mac! its so delicious!

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