Procacci opened its doors in 1885 on the prestigious via Tornabuoni. The interior is all original workmanship and has a very Art Noveau feeling throughout. These days, Procacci is part of the Antinori  group (Fork’s absolute favorite vineyard. If you have not had an Antinori wine, you must).

From the beginning, Procacci was known for their truffled sandwiches. How were we to resist the lovely art noveau interior, truffled sandwiches, Antinori wines, and a recommendation by dear friends?

Simple answer? We could not possibly pass up the opportunity to stop into Procacci.

When you walk through the doors you are instantly transported to a quieter more gentile time. Small tables for 2 line the left side of Procacci, a counter to the right and a wine bar across the back. Procacci may be very small but everything packs a huge flavor. Procacci is permeated with the small of truffles. The entire experience was amazing.

We ordered 2 of the truffled sandwiches – truffle pieces and butter spread on a small, delicate roll. We also ordered 2 prosciutto cotto and olive spread sandwiches. Prosciutto cotto is the cooked version of prosciutto crudo – which is what we in the USA just call prosciutto.  

The truffle and butter was amazing. The truffle was earthy and rich. The butter sweet. The 2 worked in perfect harmony to make your taste buds stand at attention.

The ham was salty and sweet at the same time, the olive paste salty and briny. Again, a perfect combination.

The bread used for both was fresh and soft. Very delicate and subdued in flavor so as to be an understudy to the starring role of the fillings, especially the truffled butter.

Spoon has become addicted to apricot juice and chose that to go along with our feast. Fork on the other hand could not pass up an opportunity to have a glass of Antinori wine – or, more precisely, prosecco. Delightful.

A perfect oasis in the insane sea of sightseeing! If you’re in Florence and need a little ‘somethin somethin’ in the middle of the afternoon, Procacci will surely help you to understand the meaning of la dolce vita!

If you folks are travelling anywhere, Knopf makes wonderful guidebooks called Knopf MapGuides. They break down whatever city you are travelling to by sections. With each section there are recommendations for restaurants, bars, shopping and when you open the map page it highlights sights not to miss in each section. Totally fabulous! Procacci was listed in there.

Also, we would have been lost going through sites and streets without Rick Steves! His books are wonderful. Self guided tours through most major attractions with not to miss things inside each. He is funny insightful and keeps any trip full of fun and information!

Procacci ~ Via de’ Tornabuoni, 64 ~ 50123 Firenze, Italy


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