Milk Street Cafe

The famed Milk Street Cafe of Boston has found a new home on Wall Street. Keeping Bostonian vegetarians fed and happy was not enough – they have now opened in New York and added catering to their bag of tricks.

The Cutlery were recently invited to a press party to celebrate the opening of Milk Street.

As you walk into the new Wall Street location, you are hit with the size of the space. There are at least 10 different food stations to choose from ranging from sushi to rotisserie.

While not strictly vegetarian anymore, they do keep things very separate for vegetarians and carnivores. For example, there are 2 salad stations – the Bull Market and the Farmer’s Market.

While touring Milk Street we were treated to a peek into their kitchens, which are gigantic.  And again, everything kept very separate.

One of the draws of Milk Street is the ability for people to go out to lunch together and be able to eat nearly anything they want. The dining area is lovely, though slightly disjointed in decor. Their fabulous logo is across the long wall. Very bright and cheery. Then on one short wall is a bronze waterfall, the other short wall a frosted glass something.

While we were there, we met a lot of the staff and were treated to a few of the dishes that would be available once Milk Street opened full time. THe gals making the smoothies were adorable, helpful and knowledgable about what they were serving.

While in the kitchen, we watched the chefs preparing spring rolls with dipping sauce and pan fried noodles with vegetables. we also tasted risotto with spring peas and pea puree. Both of which were very good, if not awkward to eat standing in a crowded room!

All in all, I think there is a definite need on Wall Street for Milk Street and wish them all the success in the future.

If you’re down in the area, pop in, you’ll enjoy it!

Milk Street Cafe ~ 40 Wall Street ~ NYC, NY
Milk Street Cafe on Urbanspoon


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