Culinary Adventures of Fork, Knife & Spoon

Join the Fork, Knife & Spoon as they eat their way around the New York area – okay, there will be some adventures outside of the tri-state area. We can’t help ourselves. Many times we are joined by assorted other cutlery. Really, it just lets us try more dishes!

You’ll notice that there is a great importance placed on iced tea. Silly, perhaps, but beverages play a large part in how much you’ll enjoy a restaurant. The perfect bottomless glass or a ridiculous price per tiny, ice full glass? Come on, does anyone else think $6 for a glass of ICED TEA is ridiculous?

OpenTable is a wonderful resource for reservations. is a great resource for Restaurant Week listings. Once you get an inkling of when restaurant week will be – either spring, summer, fall – make the reservation as far in advance as possible.

If OpenTable tells you there are no reservations for a particular, call the restaurant directly! They do NOT give all of their reservations to OpenTable. They save a certain amount for people calling the restaurant.  Be flexible with your time.

Hot new restaurant in town? Can’t get in? Try a reservation before 6:00 p.m. Makes a huge difference. All the want-to-be-seens dine later. Is it about who is there or the food? Also, lunch is great way to try a new or expensive restaurant.

Additionally, many restaurants keep a prix frixe menu at lunch time. And many serve basically the same things during lunch or dinner service.

For the restaurant ~ Is it too much to ask for a clean, well stocked rest room? Dirty, smelly, out of toilet paper or hand towels is really a turn off to paying customers!

Ask your servers, hosts and staff to smile. Act as if they are taking care of the cherished people in their lives. Dour faces, regurgitating specials, inattentive service is really just ghastly in this competative market. Good bread. Don’t clear a plate from a table until ALL the diners have finished! Please don’t ask if you want change when paying the bill. It puts unneeded pressure on the diner. Just bring it and let them decide the tip on their own. We’re talking about saving 20 feet of walking, but miles in politeness.


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