Sweet Melissa ~ Happy Anniversary to us!

For those that have followed along with Fork, Knife, Spoon and our cutlery family from the beginning, Sweet Melissa is where the idea for the Culinary Adventures of Fork, Knife & Spoon was hatched.

What better way to celebrate a year of wonderful dining, good friends and numerous culinary adventures than to return to the scene of the original crime.

Same kind of frigid night. Same sort of dilemma. Where do we go to have a drink and dessert? The answer for Fork and Knife was again simple. Sweet Melissa.

Because the baked goods change daily and move quickly, the suggestion is to peer into the case, pick what you’d like and sit. That’s the problem. Everything looks so good, how do you pick just a few things.

The staff is friendly and happy to describe different tarts and cookies. Sadly, the descriptions only make these pieces of cutlery more confused, less able to narrow down the choices and seriously wanting everything in the case.

 The pate sucree crusts that the tarts are in is absolutely second to none. They stay crisp under whatever custard or fruit or filling comes their way.

Knife picked the fruit tart. Just exquisite. So much attention paid to every detail. The custard was so creamy. Slightly sweet. The fruit very fresh and delicious. The glaze of the fruit is very light and delicate, not sickeningly sweet like many fruit tarts unfortunately are.

Fork could not decide. Everything looked so good. Suffice it to say, Fork ordered TWO  – they’re small. Really. And besides, Knife would share.

First was the Lemon Meringue Tart. Again, the pate sucree tart, this time filled with sweet and tart, lemony curd.  In the center of the curs was a perfect dollop of burnished, marshmallowy meringue.  Just the perfect amount of sweet meringue to balance the tart lemon curd.  For some reason the tart was sitting in a little pool of raspberry coulis – good coulis, but not necessary. The bites without were far better than the bites with.

The third dessert has an ingredient that Fork can simply never resist.  Sour cherries. This was a sour cherry pie with a pistachio nut crumble. Too many favorite things to pass this pie up! The pie crust was light and flakey, not soggy at all. The sour cherry filling was – well, sour. Without the pistachio crumble it would have been a little too sour, even for Fork’s liking. The crumble was crisp, and sweet and buttery, you add pistachios into that and it’s terrific.

As Knife and Fork were leaving for this Adventures, ‘The Others’ sat with sad long faces asking about them having goodies. You would think that Fork left them in a cardboard box instead of a Christmas freshly baked good laden home.

But, as Knife and Fork were paying the check, Fork noticed the beautiful cupcakes in the display case and Fork’s tines were struck with guilt and cupcakes were brought back to the cutlery drawer. Beautifully decorated, light spongy cupcakes, sweet, fluffy icing. It doesn’t get much better than that.

All in all, it has been a terrific year of adventures, with incredible adventures, shared with wonderful pieces of cutlery. Thank you for following along in our adventures, we hope you continue to join us, either through reading or actually venturing out with us.

Sweet Melissa ~ 175 Seventh Avenue ~ Brooklyn, NY ~ 718.788.2700
Sweet Melissa ~ 276 Court Street ~ Brooklyn, NY 718.855.3410
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